E-insurance training

The project with the title „New integrated training system on Insurance Intermediary (Acronym: E-insurance training)”

In brief, the Project consists of the following steps:

  • Research on training needs for the financial and fiscal implications of working as an insurance intermediary based on different kind of contracts with the Insurance Broker / Intermediary Company
  • Development of training curricula for insurance intermediary
  • Development of training toolkit for insurance intermediary
  • Development of Serious games based e-learning platforms for insurance intermediary
  • Pilot implementation, evaluation and fine-tuning
  • Certification of participating trainees
  • Dissemination of results

Projects’ funding / benefits

The major benefits from the participation are as follows:

  • No own funding costs incurred for your company, given that all activities will be financed by the Project
  • Developing and updating training materials for insurance intermediary
  • Developing tests for insurance intermediary
  • Innovative training methodologies, syllabus and content will be developed in each partners’ language
  • The project results will be available to all future partners for use space space space space space